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The E-Commerce Academy launched March 1st, 2021. Three years later, we are releasing our second and upgraded version, the BEST and basically 10x on steroids.

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The E-Commerce Academy 2.0: Detailed Lesson Plan

Here's whats to come on January 1st, 2024...

Block #1 - Success Mindset

  • What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur
  • Your Success Cycle
  • Building A New Power House
  • Money Mindset $$$

Block #2 - The Key Decisions For A Successful Brand

  • Dropshipping vs. Private Labeling
  • The Right Industry + Product
  • Competitive Analysis + Product Market Fit
  • Naming Your New Company
  • A World Class Logo

Block #3 - Success Set Up

  • Business Plan + Playbook [SOP]
  • The Right Manufacturer
  • Our First Bulk Inventory Order
  • Industry Top Competitors
  • Building Instagram + Tiktok Channel

Block #4 - Roadmap To Your First $10K

  • Creating Shopify
  • Copywriting & Product Descriptions
  • Your First Professional Photoshoot
  • Shipping + Fulfillment
  • Product Pricing Margins + Return Strategies
  • Pre Launch Calendar

Block #5 - Live Launch + Keeping Momentum

  • Launch Day
  • Post Launch Mindset + Momentum [Tradeshows, pop ups, events]
  • Legalities Of An E-Commerce Store
  • Creating Content & Other Social Media Platforms
  • Email Marketing Essentials
  • First 100 Customers

Block #6 - Scaling To Your First $100K Online

  • Start Influencer Marketing
  • How To Make Your First Affiliate + UGC Program
  • How To Get Your First Publication + Article
  • Implement Wholesaling
  • How To Build Personal Brand


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Who Am I?

  • My name is Nancy V, Escape Swimwear founder + education company: The E-Commerce Academy
  • I've built a multiple 7 figure brand from the comfort of my home, working 9-5 and studying 5+ years for my Bachelors Degree
  • Escape Swimwear is featured on VOGUE UK, seen on multiple e-celebrities and news outlets
  • My online business had multiple acquisition offers, allowed me to live a life I've never imagined of and truly gave me financial freedom. This is why I created ECA, to help others do the same!
  • Since 2021, The E-Commerce Academy has helped change 942+ students lives, made a total of $843,842+ in total revenue and launched 539+ online businesses
  • We are still growing, and I can't wait to release the 2.0 upgraded version for you in 2024!

The Original E-Commerce Academy:

Check out this video where I walk you through 2023's ECA back end and everything you'd have access to when joining The E-Commerce Academy.



"No matter what stage you are in business there is always room to grow, and that’s why finding a mentor who is experienced and has been successful in the areas I needed to grow in was vital for me. And also, find a mentor you can easily chat with and relate to, it makes the process a lot easier! I'm so grateful I found Nancy and am in The E-Commerce Academy program". - Shari G @Godess


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